Edith Cummings Munson Golf Award
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The Edith Cummings Munson Golf Award is presented annually at the NGCA Awards Banquet at the NCAA Division I Championship. The award goes to the student-athlete who is an upper classman and both a NGCA All-American Scholar and a NGCA All-American.  If more than one student-athlete qualifies, the studen-athlete with the highest GPA receives the award.  A donation of $5,000 is given from the Curtis & Edith Cummings Munson Foundation to the general scholarship fund of the recipient's institution.


Recipient Year University
Brooke Pancake 2012 University of Alabama
Brooke Pancake 2011 University of Alabama
Juliana Murcia 2010 Arizona State University
Azahara Munoz 2009 Arizona State University
Azahara Munoz 2008 Arizona State University
Marci Turner 2007 University of Tennessee
Amanda Blumenherst 2006 Duke University
Karin Sjodin 2005 Oklahoma State University
Kailin Downs 2004 University of New Mexico
Alena Sharp 2003 New Mexico State University
Emma Zackrisson 2002 Oklahoma State University
Stacy Prammananasudh 2001 University of Tulsa
Lisette Lee 2000 Louisiana State University
Hilary Homeyer 1999 Stanford University
Julia Boros 1998 University of Georgia
K.M. Juul 1997 San Jose State University
Marcie Clemmons 1996 Auburn University
Heather Bowie 1995 Arizona State University
Katharina Larsson 1994 University of Tennessee
Stephanie Neill 1993 Wake Forest University
Stephanie Martin 1992 Oklahoma State University
Traci Hanson 1991 San Jose State University
JoAnne Brooks 1990 University of Nebraska
Elsabe Heffer 1989 Lamar University


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