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The Gladys Palmer Meritorious Service Award is given in recognition of outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty. Outstanding service may take the form of years of unselfish involvement in promoting golf at any level, or highly significant service of far-reaching proportions.

Gladys Palmer’s contributions to women’s collegiate golf were highly significant. As Chairperson of the women’s division of Physical Education at Ohio State University, she organized the first women’s golf championship in June 1941. She believed that it was up to the educational institutions to run an event for collegiate women, and at the request of a particular young woman the championship was created. The Minnesota student that brought the idea to Palmer was Patty Berg.

This award is intended to honor individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the evolution and growth of women’s collegiate golf. Recipients of this prestigious award have influenced women’s golf in a manner that changed the complexion of the sport. Accordingly, the award is meant to honor a pioneering spirit. While all coaches have a responsibility to give back something to the game, consideration for this award will only be given to those services that extend beyond that basic duty. Since new elements have been added to the original Gladys Palmer Award, past recipients of that award are eligible to be nominated for the Gladys Palmer Meritorious Service Award.


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