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Player Hall of Fame Inductees
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Year Player Name  School
2012 Juli Inkster San Jose State University
2012 Pat Hurst San Jose State University
2011 Stephanie Neill Harner Wake Forest University
2010 Jody Rosenthal Anschutz University of Tulsa
2010 Jenna Daniels McCorkle University of Arizona
2009 Shauna Estes University of Georgia
2009 Wendy Ward Arizona State University
2008 Amy Fruhwirth Arizona State University
2007 Carol Semple Thompson Hollins University
2007 Christa Johnson University of Arizona
2006 Leta Lindley University of Arizona
2006 Michele Redman Indiana University
2005 Dana Dormann San Jose State University
2005 Renee Heiken University of Illinois
2004 Brenda Corrie Kuehn Wake Forest University
2004 Janice Moodie San Jose State University
2003 Tracy Hanson San Jose State University
2003 Kyle O’Brien Stevens Southern Methodist University
2002 Page Dunlap-Halpin University of Florida
2002 Deb Richard University of Florida
2001 Pauline Kelly University of Northern Iowa
2001 Pia Nilsson Arizona State University
2000 Terry Moody University of Georgia
2000 Cheryl Morley University of Florida
1999 Tina Barrett Longwood College
1999 Marci Bozarth Texas Christian University
1999 Cindy Schreyer University of Georgia
1998 Dawn Coe-Jones Lamar University
1998 Rosie Jones The Ohio State University
1998  Melissa McNamara Tulsa University
1997  Stacy Arnold University of Iowa
1997 Lisa Marino Michigan State University
1996  Dr. Mary Budke Oregon State University
1996  Kay Cockerill UCLA
1994  Dottie Pepper Furman University 
1994  Donna Andrews University of North Carolina
1993 Suzanne Jackson University of Florida
1993  Shelley Hamlin Stanford University
1992  Barb Mucha Michigan State University
1989 Clifford Ann Creed  
1989  Dot Germain Southern Illinois University
1989  Carol Sorenson Flenniken Arizona State University
1989  Cathy Gaughan Mant Arizona State University
1988  Sue Ertl Michigan State University
1988 Sandra Palmer North Texas State University
1988  Janet Coles UCLA 
1988  Beth Daniel Furman University
1987  Jane Booth Arizona State University
1987  Betsy King Furman University
1987  Bonnie Lauer Michigan State University
1987  Donna Horton White University of Florida
1986 (Charter) Judy Bell Wichita State University
1986 (Charter)  Susie Maxwell Berning Oklahoma State University
1986 (Charter)  Pat Bradley Florida International University
1986 (Charter)  Joanne Gunderson Carner Arizona State University
1986 (Charter)  Eleanor Dudley Copping University of Alabama
1986 (Charter)  Carol Clark Johnson Miami University
1986 (Charter)  Joyce Kazmierski University of Michigan
1986 (Charter)  Betsy Rawls University of Texas